Liana Corbin

I’m a 4th grade math/science teacher who is FIRMLY embedded in the team COFFEE, as opposed to team TEA camp! I am wife to Todd and mom to two amazing young men, Austin and Dylan. We lived in Budapest, Hungary for 10 years, so besides having 18 years in the classroom, I grew by watching their individual learning journeys.

While we lived in Budapest, my sons went to public school, and I quickly learned what it was like for them to study in a second language. So later as a teacher in the states, when I received non-English speakers, I was driven to improve their experience academically and socially. This was the push behind beginning Liana’s Small World. I soon realized that MANY of my colleagues were also receiving non-English speakers and had NO idea where to start. I created my bundle of resources to meet the needs of busy teachers who we all know are far to busy to craft an entire program for their students who are not yet prepared to jump headfirst into grade level curriculum.

As I settled into teaching 3rd and 4th grade math, I repeatedly saw students who grew anxious with the subject. As a former math struggler, I could relate, remembering my own white knuckles as I tried to furiously copy down notes to remember the seemingly nonsensical algorithms my algebra teacher gave. It is now my goal to help students to understand the “big picture” in math and develop keen number sense so that they can feel confident in and really LOVE math, and to help teachers, with great low prep materials that will enable their students to be enthusiastic math learners.

How my math tutoring is different

Traditionally math has been taught as a series of steps – Step one do this, step two do that – Yet if the steps don’t resonate with your child they don’t stick! (They didn’t with me).

So, with songs, manipulatives, whiteboards and LOTS of low-risk games, I help kids understand the “Why” behind the steps so they stick, and math knowledge can be built.

I have loved working with high achievers, English Language Learners, Special Needs kiddos and especially kids that just don’t like math.